Dr. William McCrary, Director of UTSA Lyric Theatre, leads a team of faculty dedicated to the success of each student-artist that enters the program. Productions are directed by Dr. McCrary and Dr. Jourdan Laine Howell with support from conductors: Troy Peters (UTSA Orchestra), Dr. Jordan D. Boyd (Assistant Director of Choral Activities), Dr. Yoojin Muhn (UTSA's Director of Choral Activities); pianists: Anna Hakobyan and Jane Haas; coach: Dr. Jeong Eun-Lee (Assistant Professor of Instruction in Collaborative Piano); costumes & choreography: Michelle Pietri; and makeup artist: Sofia Mejia. A key component of our success is the dedicated Voice Area Faculty who train our vocalists for auditions and for their earned roles.

Dr. William McCrary, director

Dr. Jourdan Laine Howell, director

 Mr. Troy Peters, conductor

Dr. Yoojin Muhn, conductor

Prof. Jordan D. Boyd, conductor

Anna Hakobyan, pianist

Jana Haas, pianist

Dr. Jeong Eun-Lee, coach

Michelle Pietri, costumer & choreographer

Sofia Mejia, makeup artist

Dr. Jourdan Laine Howell, voice faculty

Crystal Jarrell Johnson, voice faculty

Dr. William McCrary, voice faculty

John Nix, voice faculty

Dr. Susan Olson, voice faculty